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Join a Committee and assist a newly arriving refugee family as they are resettled in Southeast Michigan. Committee descriptions are below:

Identify housing opportunities. Brainstorm creative ideas to find accessible and cost effective options utilizing various housing channels (community housing, subsidized options, online search, etc). Prepare backup options (hosting families) if immediate housing is not available. Ensure screening process for hosting families is completed by agency. Coordinate with warehouse committee to furnish refugee’s homes.

No financial commitments are required. Tasks include overseeing and mentoring families, offering counseling and guidance including tasks related to kids schooling application, as well as supporting families emotionally and in emergency situations. Provide/coordinate services and transportation when needed. Arrange for smart buses transportation. (Arabic language may be needed). Coordinate volunteers to welcome families at airport. Coordinate scheduled visits for families once they settle in. Help families with filling out applications, sort through mail and make sure their needs are addressed in a timely fashion. Provide welcome packages of cleaning/hygiene supplies and basic food items. 
     *Volunteers orientation will be provided upon completion of background check

Reach out to different communities and institutions to educate them about refugees. Find opportunities of partnerships with other organizations that can support the mission. Communicate with politicians in order to address refugee situation. Work on ways to maintain a relationship with media, politicians, other organizations and stakeholders. 
     *Background screening process will be performed by SARN

Provides adult education including ESL classes, GED, college preparation & personal development for refugees. Tasks include but not limited to identifying existing classes and coordinating new classes. Provide support to housing committee in identifying public schools availability in a desired location.

Identify skill sets and experiences of refugees. Find job opportunities for refugees by matching their skills to community and market needs. Brainstorm creative ideas on how to maximize their potential. Market and advertise refugee’s services through various events and communities. Provide job training and job related transportation.
     *Volunteers orientation will be provided upon completion of background check

Assist all committees with filling their transportation requirements as needed. Develop a transportation plan as an alternative for families without cars. Help coordinate ‘carpooling’ between refugee’s families. Coordinate with fundraising committee on exploring partnership opportunities for transportation and car donations with other organizations.

Design, develop, maintain, and update website/Facebook. Establish and maintain an online donation/payment method. Develop and maintain electronic files, database, forms, and other shared documents. Branding, logo creation, brainstorming creative approaches to marketing. Social media marketing across various platforms. Creation of flyers, pamphlets, and other marketing media

Develop a yearly fundraising goal and various creative ways of achieving that goals. Develop a yearly calendar of fundraising events/ and campaigns projected a year ahead to allow time for developing and planning. Find sponsors that would be willing to support the cause and identify donors, ways to raise funds, scholarships opportunities, grants, etc. Oversee online fundraising programs on Facebook, LaunchGood etc.

Recruit programs specifically geared towards refugees to help them maintain and sustain their livelihoods. Train refugees on becoming economically and culturally sustainable by developing budgeting skills, cultural understanding, behavioral training, and other skills required for everyday training. Teach them budgeting and financial skills to stretch their dollars to cover their expenses. Identify resources for refugees that are discounted or free including internet, utility, insurance programs, phones, etc. Provide orientation and training on life in the United States, and the system, including issues such as childcare/neglect laws, traffic awareness, safety procedures, etc.

The primary goal of the Health committee is to offer support, resources and referrals regarding health care for arriving refugees. It will serve as liaison between the refugees and the health providers. The committee works alongside resettlement agencies, local providers, ACCESS (Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services), and community based organizations to foster community health partnerships with those serving refugee populations. By coordinating these activities, the committee promotes health programs that are culturally appropriate.


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