Housing Committee

Heads: Rasha Basha, Ismael Basha, Bashar Imam


Mentoring and Transportation Committee

Heads: Dr. Jihad Al-Harash, Ramez Habbal, Dr. Badi Dabjan


Public Relations and Political Outreach Committee

Heads: Peggy Dahlberg, Patrick McLean


Fundraising Committee

Head: Dr. Ayesha Fatima, Peggy Dahlberg


Auto Committee

Head: Ramez Habbal, Dr. Badi Dabjan


IT Committee

Head: Zaher Basha


Media and Marketing Committee

Heads: Reem Akkad, Dr. Ayesha Fatima


Job Placement Committee

Head: Dr. Badi Dabjan


Family Welcoming & Visits Committee

Head: Nada Odeh


Education and Development Committee 

Head: Nuha Alfahham


Healthcare Committee

Head: Dr. Ayesha Fatima


Lifeskills/sustaining/Financial Committee

Heads: Dr. Badi Dabjan, Reem Akkad


SARN and Committees Coordinator


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